April Showers Photoshoot


Not sure what to do with all of your garden flowers when they start to wilt away for the season? Stick 'em on your face! Pressing flowers can be a great way to keep some color around once the fall foliage fades, and all it takes is some patience and a heavy book or fancier flower press you can make yourself or find online.

This was one of the coolest photoshoots I've been a part of. I spent a few weeks pressing and drying flowers before we met up, and was so happy with the result. Talk about bohemian chic! Any brides want to try this look for their wedding? Bueller... Bueller?

I N G R E D I E N T S:
Pressed daisy, larkspur, hydrangea, snapdragon, rose, and dried statice. Affixed with vaseline, eyelash glue, and elbow grease.

C R E D I T S:
Florals: Honeycomb Florals
Photography: Daniela Brown Photography
Models:  Nadia BaisdenMalaysia Vareen
Assistant: Sunny Hanisee

Check out the gallery below!