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Southern Plantation Wedding


Being able to work at such uniquely southern venues has been an unexpected perk of this job. I grew up in southern California so every time we roll up to a traditional plantation home, I get all googly-eyed at the sight of it.

Quinney Oaks Plantation didn’t need much as far as floral accents go. It was cleanly overgrown with English ivy and Spanish moss hung from the grandiose oak trees. Our bride was all about textural elements so we focused on bringing those into the bouquets and simple bud vase centerpieces using thistle, brunia berries, and Queen Anne’s lace.

The highlight for me, design-wise, was a massive pergola that the bride and groom were married on. Y’all (I can say that now, right??), we used a total of 32 feet of garland on that baby! Shoutout to my work husband/real husband that climbed atop and was perched like a freakin’ gargoyle tying it to the border, while my mom and I alternated holding my little one as it was drizzling on and off most of the morning (because why wouldn’t it be?).

The end result was a beautifully modern take on a traditional wedding scene. Scroll through to see the work we put in on this one.


Escimo + vendela roses, ivory spray roses, white ranunculus and hydrangea, disbud mums, silver dollar and seeded eucalyptus, variegated pittosporum, Italian ruscus, Queen Anne’s lace, gypsophila, dusty miller, brunia, and blue dynamite eryngium (thistle!).


Photography: Ivey Gibb Photography
Floral Design: Honeycomb Florals
Bouquet and Boutonniere Ribbon: Frou Frou Chic
Venue: Quinney Oaks Plantation
Cake + Desserts: Summer’s Temptations
Bride + Groom: Savanah + Brandon Price
Wedding Gown: Lovely Bride Charleston
Bling: Windsor Fine Jewelers
Groom + Groomsmen’s Clothing: Simon’s Formal Wear Augusta
Hair + Makeup: Bella Faccia LLC
Videography: Lamar Haaley Wedding Films
Invitations: K Creatives
DJ: Amplified Events

Gallery is below, as usual!

Why so much greenery?!

I feel it's only fair for a florist to explain why they might work with so much greenery. Read: are you even a florist?! My reasons might differ from many that are going for the green purely for aesthetic reasons. BUT here are a few:

  • Working with foliage is much more sustainable than solely using blooms. Greens grow faster and are replenished more easily than flowers.
  • I'm able to source many of my greens directly from semi-local farmers in Florida and surrounding areas, as opposed to shipping from Columbia, Ecuador, and the Netherlands, as many traditional wedding blooms are.
  • Let's be real- it saves me money on cooling costs, which translates to saving you money on your order.
  • Greenery seems to be popular with down-to-earth brides, the kind I just love working with.
  • Texture and tone: different types of foliage beautifully bring these elements into play in different designs.
  • It looks natural. My goal is to give you beautiful arrangements and bouquets for your event, but not have them take over the space. Using combinations more readily found in nature is how I like to accent you on your big day! 

I am always up for creating a traditional, flower-filled bouquet, but those greens will forever have my heart. Stay tuned for our full feature on our botanical wedding from last fall and see why!

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