Where do you source your flowers?

Usually, and locally, I buy at Georgia State Floral. I always seek out Rainforest Alliance Certified blooms and strive to support local farmers. I also grow my own flowers, greens, and filler to have available seasonally.

What happens if the wholesaler doesn't have the flowers I want?

We will go over alternate options ahead of time, just in case. I place orders for your specific flowers, but with the nature of... nature, we can't control if a crop might get damaged. Part of this business is being able to work on the fly. 

How would you describe your style?

Organic but composed, earthy and experimental. I focus on the natural beauty each flower offers, seeking out blooms and greenery that compliment one another and the environment they will be placed in. I strive to create a comfortable & interesting atmosphere through my designs, with your vision in mind.

Can you show me more examples of your work?

Of course! In addition to what is on this website, I regularly update my Instagram and Facebook (links on the bottom of the page) with more images.

I saw this on Pinterest.........

Let's do it! I love attempting those creative and offbeat little design ideas, with my own twist. I run through all new designs before delivery, so you can rest assured I will have plenty of practice to execute your goal.

How much is this going to cost?

That would be one of my first questions, too! Unfortunately, each clients' needs are different. We base prices on the cost of the product, the time it takes to create it, and (if applicable) how far away the event is. These are all estimations, but generally, a bridal bouquet will range from $85-200, centerpieces may range from $25-125. I aim for transparency, but contacting me with what you are looking for will be the best way to provide you with my price lists, and eventually a detailed & personalized quote.

In that case, can I get a consultation?

Absolutely. I would love to meet and go over some event options. It will help if I know in advance what kind of flowers (or at least a color!) and the aesthetic you are going for. 

Do you offer day-of coordinating? 

Not specifically, but we do offer decor set-up packages to families that have booked us as their florist, so that you don't have the moms or bridal party running around trying to set up the venue with all of your gorgeous decorations on the day of the wedding! The components of this will vary with each order, and is another option we can go over during the consultation.

Can I come by your store?

Sorry, we don't have one! We create our products to order out of a small workspace. This ensures you get the freshest flowers that haven't been sitting in my cooler for days, hoping that someone buys them. 

Can you recommend other vendors?

Yes! Let me know what you're in need of and I can definitely give some suggestions.

Do you offer a Military Discount? 

Yes, and I also extend this to Law Enforcement and Emergency Response Personnel.

Can you preserve my bouquet?

Sure can! I can also deconstruct it after and place the blooms and greens in a shadowbox for display in your home. Hellloooo easy dusting! 

What if you're sick on my wedding day?

I can guarantee your florals will be there and set up to your specifications. 
1) Let's not jinx this, but I have a killer immune system.
2) The beauty of floral design is that much of it is done a day or two ahead of time. I have never had to cancel or modify an event delivery for this reason.
3) I have back-up florist friends that are able to help in a bind.

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